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  ( Korean Pantent No. 0444886 , Korean New Technology No. 1573 )

MB Chamber offers a revolutionary new technology with a
   highly efficient and cost-effective way to transfer oxygen to
   aeration basin, pools, ponds and lakes. In this system, gas
   forms micro-bubbles that typically rise through the water at a
   rate that is 30-100 times slower than bubbles created using
   other technologies. This means a larger interface area and
   better contact dynamics. The benefits include non-chemical
   treatment complete and uniform delivery of dissolved oxygen
   throughout the entire water volume, super-oxygenation of the
   water using air as the oxygen source, simple installation
   and low capital and operating costs.

The distribution of bubbles size is 40~180Л and
    average is 100Л

Micro bubbles are generated at low pressure

Power consumption is low because of high
    efficiency. ⒑ SOTE 61%

MB Chamber 81.2 60.9 6.5
Aeration Panel   44.0 5.2
Membrane Diffuser < 15 < 21 < 1.2
Mechanical Aerator
< 10 < 10 < 2.0

Oxygen transfer for Aeration Basin

DAF or Air flotation System

Ozone dissolve system

公力 巩辑