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When a solid material is heated up and reaches its melting point, it goes through a phase change, from
   solid to liquid. During changing phase the material absorbs a certain amount of heat, known as melt
   enthalpy. Despite the heat input, the temperature of the material stays at a relatively constant level, even
   though phase change is taking place. Equally, when the phase change process is reversed, that is from
   liquid to solid, the stored latent heat is released, again at a nearly constant temperature.

PCMs are materials that change from liquid to
   solid and solid to liquid as they release or
   absorb heat, respectively, with the     temperature
   range for such phase change being
   dependent upon the properties of the given
    material being used.

Melting temperature and melt enthalpy are the
   specific characteristics of the material. By
   selecting the appropriate PCM it is possible
   to manage the cooling or heating of the for
   end-use application.

One well-known phase change material is water, which has excellent latent heat properties: the same
   amount of heat energy required to melt 1 kg of ice would be required to heat 1 kg of water from 0 ∑C to
   80 ∑C.
   However, since the solid/liquid and liquid/vapor phase changes of water occur at 0 ∑C and 100 ∑C
   respectively, it is not always the most suitable material for thermal storage applications. This is especially
   the case when small operating temperature differences exist in a temperature range not covered by the
   above phase change temperatures.

PCMs such as normal-paraffins, poly ethylene glycol(PEG) and hydrolyzed inorganic can be used as
   PCMs to provide various range of melting temperatures.

PCMs Melt temp.(∩) Melt Enthalpy(J/g)
n-paraffin -5 ~110 180 ~ 220
Color : White/Whitish
Odor : odorless
Boiling Range : 150 - 350 ∩
Flash point : > 100 ∩
Corrosion : inert with respect to
                 most materials
poly ethylene glycol (PEG) 10~50    
32 176  
36 281  
36.4 155  
48 201  
50 134  
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